Beta 1 Stealth

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Improve your Ultimate game with the Huck Nation Beta Stealth Ultimate Frisbee Gloves. 

An upgraded version of our original Beta 1 Ultimate Frisbee Gloves. 
These gloves are super simple and highly effective. Upgrades include, shorter wristband, higher quality nylon, screen printed logo and consistent wristband color. Extra Extra Small size available.

An extremely lightweight seamless nylon glove with a special (latex-free) polymer coating. 

They're simple, no wrist-straps, no seams.
They're inexpensive.


  • Consistent grip through rain, sweat or cold conditions
  • Helps keep hands more comfortable in cold weather play
  • Seamless knit construction = super form fitting and won't interrupt your throwing style
  • Gloves come in a pair
  • Polymer coating gives a natural feel, almost like your bare hand
  • XS and XXS sizes available
  • Approximate glove life is 12 to 16 games per pair depending on level of play*
  • Washable by hand**
  • Latex Free

    *Approximate Glove life is based on limited feedback and is not a guarantee
    **Gloves should be washed delicately with cold water and should be air dried  

      Print this hand sizing guide

      Huck Nation is a new player in the Ultimate Frisbee glove market. Our goal is to make your "Ultimate Game Better." To that end, we want to make the best glove out there. We've had great responses from players on all levels, amateur to professional. We consider our gloves to still be in their "Beta" phase. Please let us know how to make them even better on our feedback page