Huck Nation is an Ultimate gear company based in New Jersey.
We're Ultimate enthusiasts and we want to help this awesome sport progress into the future.

Dominators, released in July, 2018 are our latest generation of gloves.

We've been playing Ultimate for years and have tried all the Ultimate Frisbee Gloves out there. We've always loved the idea that all you need is a few dollars for a disc and a few friends to play this game - so we've put a lot of effort into developing some truly effective, super simple and inexpensive gloves that perform as well, and in our opinion, better then most of the Ultimate Gloves out there. 

A lot of people have responded well to our concept of a thin, seamless, coated Ultimate glove. We've created a strong glove with a patent pending design and we are consistently working to make these gloves even better. 

Here's some features of Huck Nation Ultimate Frisbee Gloves:

  • The grip is perfect! (we think) - the coating we use on our gloves is awesome for handling and receiving
  • There's almost no learning curve - seriously, you'll throw practically the same way you throw bare-handed
  • They're seamless - they don't tear easily and they don't bunch up at the fingers like other Ultimate Frisbee Gloves. 
  • They're super thin and lightweight - very easy to play with
  • They play great in any weather - a little warmth on a frigid day, plenty of security in the rain
  • They're Latex-Free - you'll be okay if you're allergic to Latex
  • They're hand washable - we recommend letting them air-dry
Based on feedback from users we determined that based on how you play, the general lifespan of Beta 1 gloves is about  12 to 16 games and Beta 2 or Beta 3 is about 25 to 35 games and we are still collecting data on Dominators. (This is not a guarantee since we have not concluded enough official tests and if you have a different experience, please let us know on our Beta Project page). 

    We hope you'll become part of our team by trying Huck Nation gloves. 

    If you buy a pair, please leave us some feedback on our feedback page on how to make them even better. 

    Thanks for coming!

    Contact Information:
    Phone: (973) 370-5656
    Facebook: Huck Nation Ultimate 

    2018 Trademark information:
    "Huck Nation" "Huck Nation Ultimate" "Huck Ultimate" "Dominator" the HN logo and design are all trademarked brand elements of Huck Nation LLC.