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Huck Nation is officially out of Beta stage. 

Introducing the Huck Nation Dominators, the latest generation Ultimate Frisbee glove from Huck Nation. Huck Nation Dominators have the highest level of dexterity and the most natural feel of any Ultimate glove on the market. 

Our Dominator gloves were designed with and for Handlers and Cutters through our 3 year Beta project. We've collected user feedback from hundreds of Ultimate players and implemented their suggestions into our gloves. You can find out more on our Huck Nation website.

Dominators are made with a seamless design allowing for an almost skin-like connection with the disc. We use a hi-tech 3-fiber weave for incredible dexterity, flexibility and durability. This is an improvement over our previous generation's 2 fiber weave.

Huck Nation is proud to be the only brand of Ultimate gloves to use a coated design. Our polymer coating has gone through 4 iterations to get to its optimal skin-like feel. Coating instead of stitching allows you to have much more direct contact with the disc on all areas of your hand.

Based on player suggestions, Dominators now have an "Attack Spot" between the thumb and forefinger. This is a tackier surface which helps stop the rotation of the disc to provide more secure catches every time. The Attack Spot is carefully placed to be optimal for catching while not interfering with throws. It also adds extra strength to a typically vulnerable area of all sports gloves.

Our new elastic ribbing placement along with a new stitching method for our updated wristband gives the Dominators a snug and comfortable fit. The wristband is made with a soft, moisture wicking fabric to help stop sweat from reaching the hand. This, coupled with the breathable polymer coating on the fingers and palm gives you a near-dry glove surface regardless of sweat or rain.

Again, based on player feedback, our Dominators now have a new double-hook low-abrasion Velcro on their wrist straps. Giving a secure hold and minimizing unwanted snags.

Use this hand sizing chart: