Huck Nation gloves are quickly becoming recognized by professional and amateur Ultimate players as some of the best performing Ultimate gloves on the market.

Here's what the pros are saying. 

"I think the greatest qualities of my Huck Nation's are the durability and consistency with my throws. I can transition very easily between gloves and non-gloves based on the weather conditions without feeling like I need to wildly adjust my mental approach, throwing angles, or catching. It's a natural fit and I do think it's only a matter of time before the style of Huck Nation gloves become the gold standard in Ultimate."

- Billy Sickles (MLU)
  Offensive Cutter for the Philadelphia
  2016 Eastern Conference MVP and MLU

Photo Credit UltiPhotos

"I've used numerous gloves in the past and they have all caused me to make a lot of adjustments to my throws. Throwing with a Huck Nation glove feels like I'm throwing with a dry hand in both wet and dry conditions. The gloves fit tightly around my hands allowing me to have a firm grip on the disc which significantly improves both my catching and throwing ability. I definitely recommend giving them a try."

- Mischa Freystaetter (AUDL)
  Jacksonville Cannons  
  Florida United 

"Like many of my ultimate teammates and friends, I never entertained the idea of including gloves into my game, until I tried Huck Nation. I was nervous that gloves would take away from my catching and throwing ability. To my pleasant surprise, Huck Nation gloves gave me a level of support and comfort I did not think a glove could provide. So to all you glove naysayers, do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of Huck Nation gloves."

- Ross Ward (AUDL)
  Defensive Cutter for the
  New York Empire