Why Use Ultimate Frisbee Gloves?

Why Use Ultimate Frisbee Gloves?

Why Use Ultimate Frisbee Gloves? 

It wasn't too many years ago, that this question wouldn't have made any sense at all. In fact, it wasn't too many years before that when not many people would have even known what "Ultimate" was.

The Ultimate industry is growing and looks to be heading only for bigger and better things. Players have some choices to make nowadays, one of the biggest is "to glove, or not to glove."

Let's take a look at some pros and cons of using Ultimate Frisbee gloves:


  • Ultimate Gloves give more consistent grip in variable weather
  • Ultimate Gloves make you look like you really know what you're doing
  • Ultimate Gloves give you a real sense of security when making a catch
  • Certain Ultimate gloves can help give you more consistent throws
  • Ultimate Gloves can take some of the sting out of hard catches
  • Ultimate Gloves can give some warmth during a clod game


  • Ultimate Gloves change the way the disk feels in your hands
  • Some Ultimate gloves can cause you to make errors due to their tackiness
  • Ultimate Gloves can be expensive and eventually have to be replaced $$
  • Some Ultimate gloves don't allow free movement of your hands
  • Some Ultimate gloves don't play well in wet weather
  • Ultimate requires limited equipment, gloves can add a little complexity

Ultimate Frisbee Gloves have become quite popular among professionals and amateurs alike. Many players like to wear only one glove on their receiving hand and leave their throwing hand bare. This gives the player a sense of security in their catches but does not require them to make any adjustments to their bare-hand throw.

Gloves have been the cause of a lot of controversy in Ultimate - many people have expressed a desire to have them banned in professional and club games. If anything, this is an indicator of how much gloves can improve your game. As of now, there are very few leagues that ban gloves and it's more then likely that they will only grow to be more accepted. 


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